a design concept to help Millennials with finances and support pro-solidarity causes.

5 days Design Sprint
individual project


Create and prototype a new Fintech concept to help Millennials plan their personal investments and improve their finances, using the 5 day Design Sprint process.


This project was done individually, so I conducted research, created concepts & visual identity, prioritized ideas, defined UX and created & tested a prototype.

Unity was a one week project that aimed to create a concept to serve as a financial tool for Millennials, so they could plan their personal investments and improve their finances.


I followed the Design Sprint process to define the product’s offering, understand user needs, design & prioritise UX features, create a visual language, create a narrative and prototype the concept (Figma).

Design Sprint Process

During day 1, literature showed that Millennials are volunteering in record numbers, as well as creating activism movements. On the other hand, user research showed that Millennials are more likely to achieve goals when those are shared, such as fitness goals.

I used day 2 to conceptualize ideas, using ideation techniques and referring to the insights gained during day 1.

Day 3 let me decide the direction that the concept should take. I chose the story that better fitted requirements and data gathered, aiming to create a unique value proposition.

In order to prototype the solution on day 4 I used Figma, which let me tangibilize the concept in just one session.

Finally, on day 5 I tested the prototype with 2 potential users, modified it and defined next steps and the product vision.


The final concept will allow Millennials to create short and long term goals, launch saving strategies and invest. This concept, which can't be found in other apps, will help users to generate revenue from their savings and investments, and for every € they win, a social project of their choice will receive a certain amount of funding. They will be able to track the progress of the funding for that project, from start to end. Also, users will be able to create collaborative goals with friends or relatives, as well as collaborative investments.

The product vision involves a future scenario where people grow their money, have lifetime plans, and local or international social projects are being launched because of that. NGOs will collaborate with the app and will offer more possibilities.

Digital Prototype