On Your Side

rebranding a LegalTech corporate startup that aims to target young independent professionals.

3 months
group of 4


Rebrand the company in terms of concept, positioning and launching campaign, so they can open a new category of B2C legal councelling.


This project was done by a team of four people, wherein my main responsibilities were defining the target group, conducting interviews, drawing the conclusions from data, DNA ideation, defining the customer journey map of the service & the roadmap of the launching campaign.

Brand MR, a legal councelling startup born from SRK, is aiming to move to the B2C market. However, they didn't have a clear positioning. After conducting research, we proposed to target independent online professionals, and we conceptualized the brand core according to it.


We started the project conducting research, to analyze the 4C (Customer, Company, Competitors and Context). Brand MR offers an on-demand service that is structured with fixed prices for different modules.

During this stage we discovered 2 main things: Firstly, after analyzing competition we found out that it existed a gap in the scene, related to services that offer flexibility and certainty.

left: Circles of Competition; right: Competition Axis

Also, we discovered that entrepreneurs and freelancers felt vulnerable when they had conflicts with bigger companies, since they have nowhere to go, because they can not get expensive or unpredictable business related support. We considered this gap interesting and we conducted interviews with freelancers to confirm the first insights and find new ones into their type of conflicts.

left: Cultural Contradiction; right: User Decision-making Journey

Once we had the target group and the opportunity spot defined, we worked on the Brand DNA, the positioning, the personality and the visual identity. We tested it with freelancers to know what was the name or the visuals conveying to them. Lastly, we defined the customer journey and the launch strategy, creating a roadmap.


Through extensive research, ideation and validation, the brand "On Your Side" was designed. The brand targets young online creatives and combines the benefits of insurance companies and law firms.

Brand Manifestation Principles

Customer Journey Map

In order to launch the brand, we created a roadmap explaining the different actions needed. Since we were targetting young freelancers / entrepreneurs, we would focus our attention on coworking spaces, incubators, or youtube tutorials, among others. Also, we created the commercial video.

Launching Campaign Roadmap